Who We Are

We are an analytics and engineering company with expertise in atmospheric sciences and aerospace in the process of developing Solar Falcon.   

Solar Falcon is a High-Altitude (>20km), Mobile, Solar-Powered, Loitering (months), Pseudo-Satellite; uses latest breakthroughs in materials, batteries and sensors. It is a major, inexpensive, technology breakthrough in persistent remote sensing, surveillance, and telecommunication; fills the gap between satellites and low altitude drones/aircraft.

Why we will succeed

  • Flexible, non-rigid and pliable envelope optimized for high altitude
  • Major improvements in material
  • Powerful, redundant control system
  • Proprietary 3D thrust vectoring for propulsion, stability, and control
  • Active buoyancy control (superheating)
  • Validated design model – proven with experimental high altitude record breaking flights and independent published USAF confirmation
  • Risk reduction – hypobaric and cryogenic chamber active tests
  • Use of certified aerospace materials, procedures and components
  • Failure mode analysis is being applied
  • One model certification for all applications avoids excessive delays (Standardized size, flexible payload and endurance)
  • Engineering experience – factor of 10 safety margins vs. 1.5 aerospace industry standard
  • High altitude experimental tests and expertise from MIT (part of the team)
  • CTO  is a former civilian aviation certification inspector and built more than 80 large LTA vehicles
  • VP is a airworthiness certification engineer

Why we will be able to do this at low cost

  • Low cost approach similar to difference between government-sponsored expensive satellites vs. commercial approach for microsats
  •  Designed to be commercially cost effective from conception
  •  Experienced and efficient team with low overhead
  •  Does not require radiation hardened electronics
  •  Strong experienced team from MIT academics with practical know-how to seasoned developers
  •  Use of advanced but now commercially available materials and components

Breakthrough Technology in Remote Sensing, Surveillance, and Telecommunication

Development is underway

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