Solar Falcon vs Other Platforms for 24/7 Surveillance

Solar Falcon vs Microsatellites

  • 25X better imaging resolution
  • 100X faster revisit of AOI (10,000 km2)
  • 10X less cost per hour
  • Mission flexible (sensors and tasking)

Solar Falcon vs Drones

  • 400X coverage area per vehicle
  • 4X less cost per hour
  • Mission duration is months vs hours

Cost Comparison for Persistent Wide-Area Monitoring – Minutes Revisit Time

PlatformResolution At nadir (m)Altitude (km)Area Covered (km2)Units to Cover Area per Day$K Per Hr
Solar Falcons0.12010,00011.4
Manned A/C0.0371,2253633

* Defined for direct comparison

** Microsats revisit time for the area with 100 units is about an hour. They cannot provide persistent revisits in minutes unless there are more than a thousand