Pipeline and Industrial Facilities Monitoring


Customers: Governments with pipelines/facilities and/or private companies

Market Size and Need, other than the U.S.

  • Canada has about 100,000 km and Russia has 260,000 km
  • Total non-Conus pipeline length is over 3 Million km
  • There were 3,032 significant spills in the U.S alone since 2006*. The costs of these leaks since 2006 has amounted to $4.7 billion

Value proposition: One or two Solar Falcons can cover thousands of kilometers of pipelines at a cost of about $1400 per hr each

  • It reduces workers’ inspection that is much more expensive and local (may be more than $1000 per inspection)
  • Replaces dozens is not hundreds of drones that need infrastructure and operators for persistent operation

Market Penetration

  • Solar Falcon value would be significant savings to customers and would allow reduction in skilled labor drone operators or human inspectors and early spill control
  • This makes a case for significant penetration of global pipeline inspection market
  • Covering 10%, of non US pipelines would require 200 Solar Falcons plus spares


Trans-Arabian Pipeline System


  • ISP: Wide FOV VIS/IR camera systems
  • Day/night operations
  • Telescope for closer inspection
  • Auto detection of spills, fire, terrorism, theft