Automated Insurance Damage Assessment

More detail than satellite inspections and less cost and human involvement than drone inspections

Exterior damage assents without human inspectors

  • High resolution allows to see exact damage, wear and tear
  • Significantly reduces cost of each inspection
  • High volume inspections in devastated damaged areas
  • Reduces number of out of state inspectors in post-event wide-area damage assessment
  • High resolution imagery provides damage assessment details similar to drone inspection but cost significantly less per inspection
  • Reduces time to produce assessment (almost real-time)

Capable of 3D mapping (< 10 cm/nadir resolution) to measure structural damage (optional)

Also it can do a job of a human surveyor. Precisely measuring property lines for banks and insurers.

Smart Assessment of Damage:

  • Damage in specified area (64 sq ft) is consistent with ice dam damage
  • The rest of the roof damage is consistent with expected wear and tear of the roof of its estimated age.
  • Estimated age of roof is 45 years

Detailed Automated Report:

  • Total Roof Area =3,138 sq ft
  • Total Roof Facets =21
  • Predominant Pitch =12/12
  • Number of Stories >1
  • Total Ridges/Hips =295 ft
  • Total Valleys =123 ft
  • Total Rakes =0 ft
  • Total Eaves =381 ft