About Us

Founded by MIT atmospheric scientists, aerospace executives, UAV Lighter-Than-Air engineers, and an Advisory Board comprised of world experts in remote sensing, and environmental research.

TWAI consists of two entities: hardware oriented, Solar Falcon, Inc. –  developer of the Solar Falcon vehicle with responsibility for Solar Falcon development, testing, certification, and production. The second entity, analytics oriented, is responsible for data products, customer solutions, operations, and sensor development.



A.T. Stair – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Retired Chief Scientist of the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, Program Manager and PI with overall responsibility on multiple satellite Programs; 1) Cirrus 1, the first DOD payload on the Space Shuttle, STS 4, took one year 2) Cirrus 1A, the first cryogenic infrared sensor on the Space Shuttle, 3) the Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX) and 4) Chief Scientist of the Russian American Observation Satellites Program (RAMOS). He is also a president of Visidyne, Inc. that brought a lot of technology to TWAI under licensing agreement.

Ilya Schiller – TWAI President

Ilya Schiller has an established track record for building businesses and creating products in high tech industry. Mr. Schiller has a deep understanding of product life cycle, business and customer interaction and importance of building a strong team. Ilya Schiller co-founded Digital Ink, Inc. that developed electronic pen system for communication using handwritten notes. He served as CEO, spearheading the company’s business and technology development efforts and raised $5.5M in two stages of venture capital funds. Prior to Digital Ink, Mr. Schiller was vice president in charge of advanced projects at KTAADN, Inc., which achieved 400 percent growth during his tenure.

Charlie Lambert COLONEL, USAF (Retired)  – Chief Technology Officer

Charlie Lambert provided leadership in defining and funding the Military Airlift Command’s initiation in the Joint Readiness Training Center, standup of the Combined Planning Group for counterdrug operations in Colombia, and structuring US approaches to cruise missile defense.  While studying potential solutions for extending missile defense detection, he became intrigued by High Altitude Airships and subsequently became one of the Air Force’s leading experts on lighter-than-air technologies. Upon retirement, he conceived SkySentry LLC, which focused initially on high altitude airships but later transitioned to tethered aerostats for communications, surveillance, and various forms of sensing.  The company has executed multi-year contracts US government entities such as the US Army, USSTRATCOM, and Missile Defense Agency.  The company is also teamed with various large defense contractors and numerous civilian entities.  In business over 15 years, the company is internationally recognized as an LTA expert and innovative problem solver.

Jean Genest – Solar Falcon, Inc. President

Jean Genest is an aerospace executive who completed several successful startups in specialized aviation.  His previous experience includes the development of a long range Hybrid Air Vehicle to provide logistic services to the Canadian north. A Test Pilot School graduate, he was chairman of the Flight Test Section of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute in the 1990’s while acumulating flight test hours in jets and helicopters.  Jean is co-owner of Pole Air Aviation, a maintenance and repair organization (MRO) providing services to tier-one airlines and OEM’s worldwide since 1972.

Michael Taytslin – VP of Marketing

Michael G. Taytslin has a 35-year+ career as an executive with technology companies. In his capacity as a C-level executive, he managed business operations, business development and sales, and worldwide client services. During his tenure, Michael managed several successful turnaround challenges and more than doubled the top line and profitability of the respective companies. In 2006, Michael founded a management consulting and advisory services company that helped organizations address their operational challenges and improve overall performance, focusing on business processes, organizational structure, executive leadership coaching, brand positioning, and business development. Over the last 12+ years, Michael assisted technology startups with funding, business development, sales, relationship management, and other corporate functions.

MIT Professor Kerry Emanuel
Chairman – TWAI Science Advisory Board

Professor, Atmospheric Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Widely considered to be the world’s leading authority on the physics of hurricanes. Professor Emanuel’s research interests focus on tropical meteorology and global climate change

  • Developed the accepted theory of the large-scale thermodynamics of hurricanes, demonstrating how these storms derive their energy from the thermal energy stored in the surface of tropical and subtropical oceans
  • Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Lorenz Center, an MIT think tank devoted to fundamental inquiry into the understanding and prediction of global climate change
  • Named one of the Time 100 influential people of 2006. In 2007, he was elected as a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences.
  • Author or co-author of more than 200 papers in peer-reviewed publications