Aluminum Valley (SVA) Partnership

On 12 Dec 2017, SVA confirmed their intent to support the prototyping and development of the structural part made in aluminium and committed to provide an immediate non-refundable contribution. SVA will provide support with the experts in the design and manufacturing of the aluminum components required for Solar Falcon.  This is a significant risk reduction development of the SF structural components, as well as the manufacturing process receives support from the leading metallurgic experts to ensure our structure achieves the best strength to weight ratio under our unique environmental conditions.

Announcing Cooperation with Tanka

Tanka Technology Corp ( ), a premier, high tech company, that detects and monitors forest fires world-wide with satellite data for multiple customers, has recently signed an agreement with TWAi to buy Solar Falcon data and to become a partner in its development. In addition TWAi and Tanka have agreed to jointly pursue monitoring logging and maritime monitoring using Solar Falcon/Sensors/Software.